Brand new share house(Flat share). Nice kitchen, shower room and toilet, all appliances are included. Good Wi-fi. All bill and some consumables are also included. Nice location transport wise. The flat is close: Shiogamaguchi station(塩釜口), Yagoto station(八事) ,Meijo University(名城大学), Chukyo University(中京大学), Nanzan University(南山大学). 

Room A B C D
Size 12.9㎡ 10.4㎡ 12.9㎡ 11.1㎡
Price Not availavle Not availavle ¥50,000 ¥45,000
Equipment Chest, Bed, Desk, Balcony Chest, Bed, Desk Chest, Bed, Desk, Balcony Chest, Bed, Desk, Shelf
Gas, Electric, Water, Wi-Fi, Toilet paper, Tissue, Various detergent, Various seasoning, Kitchen supplies

Deposit ¥10,000